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Tanner v. Ziegenhorn

United States District Court, E.D. Arkansas, Western Division

July 27, 2018






         This Protective Order governs the parties to this action and their lawyers, as follows:

         1. All documents, information, copies, transcriptions, or other reproductions of documents or information (hereinafter "Information") produced in this action that contain, describe, identify, or refer to confidential and/or private Information may be stamped "CONFIDENTIAL" by the producing party and, if so stamped, will be subject to the provisions of this Protective Order.

         2. A lawyer who wishes to challenge the "CONFIDENTIAL" designation made by the producing party of any Information must first attempt in good faith to confer in person with lawyers for the producing party in an effort to resolve the issue amicably. If agreement cannot be reached, the parties should file a joint report explaining the disagreement; the joint report shall be drafted and filed and in accordance with the Final Scheduling Order (DE 10) issued by this Court. Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" will continue to be treated as such and subject to the provisions of this Protective Order pending determination by the Court.

         3. Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" may be used only for this action and for no other action or purpose. Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" may not, without leave of this Court, be disclosed to any person or entity other than this Court (under seal) except as stated in this Protective Order.

         4. The disclosure by a lawyer of Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" to that lawyer's client, to paralegals and clerical staff employed by that lawyer's office, or to experts retained by that lawyer, will not constitute a violation of or waiver of the protection afforded by this Protective Order so long as the person to whom disclosure is made has executed an Affidavit in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A. A lawyer who discloses Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" pursuant to this paragraph must maintain each Affidavit executed by persons to whom that lawyer has disclosed Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL." 5. If Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" is to be identified, discussed, or disclosed during a deposition taken in this action of any person or entity other than those persons or entities described in paragraphs 3 and 4 above, the deponent must be required to acknowledge on the record, before any identification, discussion or disclosure of Information occurs, that he or she has been advised of and has agreed to be bound by the terms of this Protective Order.

         6. A party may designate as "CONFIDENTIAL" portions of any deposition transcript wherein Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" is identified, discussed, or disclosed. Portions of a deposition transcript so designated will be subject to the terms of this Protective Order. The designation must be made on the record during the deposition or by letter sent by facsimile or electronic mail to opposing counsel within five business days after receipt of the transcript. The portions of a deposition transcript that mention or discuss Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" must be treated as "CONFIDENTIAL" and therefore subject to this Protective Order until 5:00 p.m. Central Time on the fifth business day after receipt of the transcript. All portions of the deposition transcript not designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" by 5:00 p.m. Central Time on the fifth business day after receipt of the transcript are excluded from the protections of this Protective Order.

         7. If, during the course of pre-trial or trial proceedings, a lawyer for a party intends to identify, discuss, or disclose Information produced by the opposing party and designated as "CONFIDENTIAL," that lawyer must give prior notice to opposing counsel so that the producing party may seek appropriate protection.

         8. Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" must not be filed on the public docket. If practicable, it should be redacted. Fed.R.Civ.P. 5.2. If an entire page contains Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL," substituting a page marked "Redacted" is an acceptable redaction method. If redaction is impracticable, a party must move for permission to file any Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" and an related motion, brief, or paper, containing that material under seal. The moving party must justify sealing with specifics and solid reasons, including an explanation about why redaction cannot be done. Sealed papers must be filed in compliance with Section IV.B of this Court's CM/ECF Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual for Civil Filings. Accordingly, affixed to the exterior of the envelope shall be a cover sheet containing: (1) the case caption; (2) the name of the document if it can be disclosed publicly, otherwise an appropriate title by which the document may be identified on the public docket; and (3) the name, address, and telephone number of the person filing the document.

         9. No lawyer for a party may comment in the presence of the jury on the reasons or motivation for designating Information as "CONFIDENTIAL" without first having obtained permission of the Court to do so.

         10. This Order shall remain in effect for one year after this case ends, including any appeal. Thereafter, the obligations imposed shall continue, but shall be solely a matter of contract between the parties.

         11. Within sixty (60) days after final adjudication of this action, all Information designated as "CONFIDENTIAL" by the producing party must be destroyed or returned. Upon request by the producing party, a party must verify that all such items have been destroyed or returned to the producing party. The verification ...

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Download the entire decision to receive the complete text, official citation,
docket number, dissents and concurrences, and footnotes for this case.

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